Shawn Miller

About This Location

July 13, 20091:27 PM

In Atlas, if you right click any spot on the map (or click on any pushpin) you're greeted with a handy little menu. The last option in this menu we've named "about this location".

When you select "about this location" Atlas is going to do three things for you. First, it's going to show the latitude and longitude coordinates for the spot you've clicked. Next, it's going to display the readable street address for the spot you've clicked using a process called reverse geocoding. We've had this for a while now.

This next part is new. Atlas will now query Wikipedia for relevant articles near the spot you've clicked. If Atlas is able to locate a relevant article, it will display a short summary and provide a link to the full article on Wikipedia.

We've talked about Atlas & Wikipedia before, but we feel integrating Wikipedia articles into the "about this location" is a lot more useful.