Shawn Miller

Fresh Logic Studios Redesigned... Sorta

July 06, 200911:48 PM

The redesign is up. You're soaking in it. And right now many of you are thinking, "uh, it looks pretty much like it did back in 2007." You're right. It's old school.

So, what's new in this redesign?
Nothing really. We took a small break from project work to tidy things up around here. Don't freak out; it was time for us to remove some older portions of the site.

What happened to your gadgets?
We had a great time working with the Windows Live team and various groups inside Microsoft creating web gadgets for Sadly there doesn't appear to be much activity with web gadgets lately. If you're still using as your homepage you can find our gadgets on our archived gadgets page or on the Windows Live Gallery.

What happend to your JavaScript library?
We moved it to We think JsFramework is a much better name than Fresh Logic Studios Scripts; I'm sure you'll agree.

What about Atlas?
Same great Atlas. If you've not tried some of the more advanced features, you should give them a shot. You could map videos from youtube, track shipments, map twitter posts... or use it to fight fires.